How to Deal With Drama

How To Deal With Drama

The way to deal with drama is to transcend it. Period.

Looking for a seven or twelve step approach tends to be rather pointless. It takes real commitment and some pretty focused attention - for a number of reasons.

Human conditioning and popular culture are very effective at normalizing not just drama but also the kinds of beliefs and habits that tend to lead to drama. Getting to the core of those beliefs and then making conscious shifts in behavioural patterns is a big part of the process. 

And that tends to be easier said than done.

Drama is a much more significant aspect of people’s lives than what they are typically aware of. It tends to permeate and undermine everything from relationships to work to health and longevity.

In my estimation, if you are not living a life that is drama free, then you are very likely functioning at much less than half of your overall potential to create/enjoy/succeed.

If you are going to be drama-free and really learn how to deal with drama, there are a number of things that you are going to have to look at and work on. It is not a step by step consideration. It involves learning and integrating and number of concepts and perspectives that enables a gradual shift into a place of harmony and well-being as a new normal.

Learning how to deal with drama and then actually being able to effectively have success when dealing with potentially dramatic situations are two very different things.

My experience in the work that I do is that it can typically take somewhere between four and twelve weeks of learning and practice before they are able to get to a place where they are able to effectively avoid and/or diffuse drama.

If you are serious about not just learning how to deal with drama, but actually becoming competent in transcending drama altogether and living a life that is drama free, I would encourage you to book a free consultation with me and get a personalized assessment with specific recommendations.