Participating in tree-plantings as the local councillor at 8 schools over 4 days. 2006

I challenged the money system by taking on one of the big Canadian banks representing myself at the highest court in the province. After I had lost re-election by the narrowest of margins (and thanks to having made some inappropriate public remarks) my father offered to help me get a law degree. I considered it, but it just didn't feel right for me. My experience with the banks would prove to be much more useful, valuable - and less costly.

While I ultimately lost the case, it was an important moral victory. What I had suspected about the creation of money - that it was simply a debt instrument created by banks and backed by nothing tangible - was not denied or refuted at any point. It was also unrefuted that several fundamental principles of common law needed to be dispensed with in order for the fiat money system to function. 

In short, there was systemic inequality, manipulation and a lack of integrity in the global money system of which Canada was a part.

That was 2010. It was a new beginning for me, as I found myself becoming more peaceful, and at the same time often being asked for guidance and perspective by others around me who were struggling with drama and conflict

A timeless masterpiece, and one of several works that helped me find my way back to my heart.

Elio-David Di Iorio, Elizabeth May, Monica Frassoni, Green Party of Canada

Elio-David Di Iorio - In This Lifetime

I love this planet. I have been here many many times.

I feel the connectedness to all of it, and of course to the collective that is humanity. 

The earlier part of my life involved fighting against the old energy. As an early indigo I was born knowing who I was. I was able to survive and succeed thanks in part to my own inner-knowing as well as to the fact that there was always someone else around me who recognized my inner-knowing and gave me the comfort and support that I needed at different times.

First breath; 10 August, 1971

In 2006, my marriage to Sandra ended as did my life in public office. There was personal crisis through 2007 when triggered the next quantum leap in my awakening in 2008, and which would propel me through the 2012 paradigm shift.

In 2009 Erin and I travelled to a yoga retreat at Sivanada Ashram in Bahamas, and then to Rome and Giza, Egypt later that year.

I began coaching minor hockey again - another passion of mine that had begun several years earlier. That enabled me to continue working to empower children - something that I have always felt  called and inclined to do in some form or another.

That year marked the end of the old me. I had become conscious - if not particularly adept at being intentional about letting go of who I had been, and becoming who I really was.

Elio-David Di Iorio, Erin Shapero, Sivananda, Yoga

Winning the Clancy Cup against all odds. 2014

Elio-David Di Iorio, Anthony Scilipoti, Goulding Park Hockey Champs

Things started to get better and make more sense for me in 1987 around the time of the Harmonic Convergence. I knew nothing about it at the time, but it was that summer that things changed for me. I started to feel more empowered, and I started to have more meaningful friendships which continue to this day.

That was also the year that I started teaching. I was the first of my friends to get my driver license and start driving. In reality, I had been driving since I was 12 years old and so I didn't need any time or lessons to get my drivers licence three weeks after my sixteen birthday.

My paternal grandfather for whom I was named, had willed me money for a car a couple of years earlier, so I was on the road driving my friends and teaching them how to drive - first automatic and then manual transmission over the next three years.

Over the next few years I would have a series of near-death experiences which accelerated my awaking, I breezed through university, and worked a wide variety of jobs from manufacturing, to construction, to security, and then to sales, teaching and public office.

There were some very important, meaningful intimate relationships along the way which helped immensely in my awakening which took another quantum leap forward in 1999 - the beginning of the Galactic Underworld  (Mayan Calendar).

That was when I met and married my first wife and dear friend Sandra. That was also when I received a copy of the book The Prophet by Khalil Gibran from another dear friend as a wedding gift which would become a bible for me of sorts over the next five years.

In the years leading up to 2003 I awakened to the energy of Gaia and became involved with the movement for ecological sustainability. I was elected to public office and became the first person in Canadian Green Party history to sit on the Green Party Federal Council, (appointed and later elected as International Secretary and Spokesperson) and also hold an elected position in public office at the same time.

In 2004 I met and began to work closely with Erin Shapero, a renowned environmental politician from a nearby municipality. 

In 2005 I initiated recruitment to the party of my friend and colleague Elizabeth May who would become party leader the following year, and later be elected as the first ever Member of Canadian Parliament representing the Green Party of Canada.

Elio-David Di Iorio, Erin Shapero, Giza, Pyramids, Egypt
Elio-David Di Iorio with grandfather playing soccer

With Erin at Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas. 2009

Elio-David Di Iorio early days

Getting some goaltending tips from my (maternal) grandfather.

Elio-David Di Iorio, Ward 5, Richmond Hill, Arbour Day


With Erin at Giza, Egypt. 2009

Elio-David Di Iorio speaking

Making introductions. Introducing Elizabeth May to Monica Frassoni at the Green Party of Canada Leadership Convention, Ottawa, Canada. 2006

one of Elio-David Di Iorio's favourite books