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Laine R.:
"I loved what you said how we are walking on the edge of two worlds-and the most powerful message of all, for me, was becoming too spiritual and still not attaining success in the physical world (I think this has been my problem for the last several years)…The handout at the end of the course was PHENOMENAL and my favourite part. Thank you!

"Very useful concepts, recommended."

Nadine M.:
"This is a great course...I've learned things about myself that I was so unconscious about, that contributed to my current state. Everything in this course makes so much sense. I am so grateful that I came across this lecture. It is really life changing. 

Massive Disruption

Kerrie-Ann M.:
"Thank you. I found the information thought-provoking and enlightening. Looking forward to moving on to the next stage."

Peter S.:
"...definitely worth the investment of an hour of you time... the instructor has a very engaging and likeable manner and the course is easy to follow. I will gladly recommend this course."

Josie Y.:
"It is a wonderful and uplifting course and I plan on viewing it many times."

Ash L.:
"This course is in perfect alignment with so much of what I have been thinking, feeling, reading and learning of late...presented in manageable steps that lets you know you can absolutely shift into the new paradigm with a lot more ease and grace than perhaps many of us have been living in the old paradigm. Very interesting, very thought-provoking information...Thank you very much for sharing this essential information."

"Elio's insights are not only astonishingly accurate but they are written in a way that is very clear & easy to understand. The information he gives just magically seems to click & is written in a very friendly & compassionate way. The words he wrote just seem to stick in my mind & I'll never forget the advice & will continue to use it."​  - Grace, UK            

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Elio-David Di Iorio Massive Disruption EnlightenedPerformance.com
Elio-David Di Iorio EnlightenedPerformance.com

Dr. Maria G.:
"What a wonderful course, masterfully delivered difficult concepts, but with clarity and most importantly with action steps so people can experience these concepts rather than keep them in their head. Elio gave his heart here, and the course is a gift to us, especially if one uses these tools."

"...a fabulous introduction to taking back control of your thoughts and, therefore, regaining yourself. It is a great start to a journey of learning how to be happier."

The Status Quo Has No Future